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There is an effort by the trump Republicans to elect their candidates to the office of Secretary of State so they might in the future be able to manipulate the election results.

The same is true here in our state of Wisconsin where my opponent wants to move election responsibilities to the Secretary of State so she can possibly tamper with the results.


From Doug:

“The critical issue in this campaign for Secretary of State is maintaining the independence of Wisconsin elections system.

Almost 50 years ago we established an independent election board to supervise our election process. We were national leaders in this regard,

this independence from partisan politics in our elections has served us well.

My opponent in this election wishes to turn the election supervision over to the Secretary of State making it dependent on the whims of partisan politics.


I strongly oppose this idea and hope the voters of Wisconsin will agree with me and reelect me Secretary of State.”

Thank you very much.


Protect the Office

This November is going to be very critical for the state of Wisconsin and for our nation as a whole. The Secretary of State’s office is coming into focus as the newest battleground to save democracy. Republican candidates have proposed stealing power over elections and concentrating them in the office in the hopes that they can use it to tilt the results of the next presidential election.
It’s more important than ever that I get re-elected as Secretary of State and I have the track record to do it. I’ve overseen the office under democratic and republican administrations and if you give me the chance, I’ll make sure to keep the far-right Republican hands off the elections commission. I recently did an interview with the Washington Post that further delves into the subject.



As a former teacher and longtime public servant, I know how important education is, not only to each individual but also for Wisconsin's future and the economy.

Restoring funding to public schools and universities creates jobs and makes sure Wisconsin is "open for business."

Our state and society will be much better off when we learn to respect teachers; they hold our children's future in their hands.

I will strive to bring us together for the common goal of moving forward again.

Say No To Big Money

We have heard for years that, after this election, then we will fix this broken election system where big money rules but then there is the next critical election and on it goes. 

By allowing it to go on and on the public has, rightly so, lost faith in the process and even in the men and women who get elected taking the money and running the ads. This hurts our Democracy and has made it very hard to solve our important problems and govern our nation.

Twenty years ago, I warned that we were heading for a situation where we would be stuck with the worst democracy that money could buy and now, sadly, we got it. But there is a better way. And this very important, historic election is the right place and the right time to do it.

That is why I am only taking contributions from individuals. I won't accept money from special interests, I will only be beholden to the people.

With your help and energy, I can help bring us back together, in these divisive times. And by listening to and working with all segments of our state, restore civility and move Wisconsin forward.

Worker's Rights

I believe that all workers should have the right to organize and bargain for fair pay, safe and appropriate working conditions, and health and retirement benefits. 

Collective bargaining is an idea that was created in Wisconsin. It was important to allow a strong middle class to develop in Wisconsin. The current giant gap between the 1% and the rest of us has developed, at least in part, due to the deprivation of workers from union membership across the nation and Act 10 was the simply the largest in a series of attacks aimed at hurting the working class.

Sometimes it is necessary for unionized workers to make sacrifices to the common good, but those sacrifices need to be more than matched by those richest of Wisconsinites and Americans in the upper 1%. And sometimes we need to deal with the occasional, but very rare, abuses of unions. But we must give at least as much attention to the horrendous abuses by the corporate and financial giants in our state and nation. 

In short, I stand with the working women and men of Wisconsin and the nation, and pledge to work to make their futures more secure.


Quality health care is a fundamental human right. For far too long the United States has lagged behind all the other developed nations in this matter.

The recent actions in Washington, DC have badly weakened what was a moderate attempt to improve the situation with the ACA. Wisconsin must take the lead in providing affordable care to our citizens.

Wisconsin currently has several “community health centers” which provide care based on a “sliding fee scale”. Under this system, fees are based on an individual’s ability to pay. This network should be expanded.

Our BadgerCare program was a very positive step in the right direction. It has provided essential care to Wisconsinites who would have otherwise gone without. Cuts in funding have crippled the program. That funding should be restored. Furthermore, we should find creative ways to expand access to health care in this state.

Wisconsin Idea

The Wisconsin Idea can move Wisconsin forward by returning to the Wisconsin Idea. The Wisconsin Idea was based on the premise that government was most effective when controlled by voters, not special interests. The University of Wisconsin was utilized providing ideas most of us now take for granted, including workers’ compensation, child labor laws, and conservation of our forests and water.

Today, there are those who think our government is best served when controlled by special interests. I don't agree, and I believe the people of Wisconsin have voiced their opinions against these special interest groups.

Let's move Wisconsin FORWARD by renewing the Wisconsin Idea, using the best ideas from all our institutions, with the control ultimately in the hands of the citizens. Keeping the control where it belongs requires making it as easy as possible for the eligible citizens of Wisconsin to be able to vote. 


I love our state and the people who call it home. I love our lakes and streams and our ridges and valleys. But most importantly I love and believe in our values and traditions. Our environmental protection laws and regulations are being ripped apart both in Wisconsin and Washington, DC. I am running because I will not stand idly by while everything we hold dear is torn down.

As you most likely know, I founded Clean Wisconsin 40 years ago [as Wisconsin's Environmental Decade]. I have been fighting to protect our Wisconsin for all these many years. I helped my hero Sen. Gaylord Nelson organize the first Earth Day in 1970. We must develop a respect for the environment, which as our great Sen. Gaylord Nelson often said, is critical for a healthy economy.

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