La Follette Turns in Signatures

Last Tuesday we filed my nomination papers with over 3000 signatures. This was possible because of the dozens and dozens of people across our state who sent me nomination papers. I am humbled by the response that I received when I asked for help to collect signatures this year.

This important primary election must focus on one critical issue: Which candidate is best positioned to win the November election and prevent a republican who wishes to move election duties to the office so they can possibly tamper with the voting results?

I am that candidate based on my record of many years winning elections by more votes than other Democrats and even when Republicans were able to elect the entire statewide constitutional officers except me.


Let me add that if the Republicans wish to transfer duties to the Secretary of State's office, I urged them to restore the important business-related functions that they have stripped away.They did this over my strong objection and I have fought for many years to restore them so Wisconsin can be competitive with the rest of the country.  But they have refused. Before they made this unfortunate move, I was able to assist Wisconsin citizens and businesses with their needs and problems.  I would love to be able to do this in the future.


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