La Follette Announces

La Follette Announces Candidacy for Re-election
For Release March 17, 2022
For more info: 608-255-7343

Today I announce that I am a candidate for re-election as Wisconsin's Secretary of State in this year’s elections.

This November is going to be very critical for the state of Wisconsin and for our nation as a whole. Reelecting Governor Evers and getting rid of Ron Johnson are high priorities, but the Secretary of State’s office is coming into focus as the newest battleground to save democracy. Republican candidates like Amy Loudenbeck have proposed stealing power over elections and concentrating them in the office in the hopes that they can use it to tilt the results of the next presidential election.

It’s more important than ever that we elect a democratic Secretary of State and I have the track record to do it. I’ve overseen the office under democratic and republican administrations and if you give me the chance, I’ll make sure to keep the Republicans’ hands off the elections commission. I recently did an interview with the Washington Post that further delves into the subject. [in the last post]

That’s why I’m prepared to run for reelection, but I need your help to do it. I need 3,000 signatures on nomination papers in order to make sure my name is on the ballot, but due to this pandemic, signature collection has become more difficult now than ever before. In the past, I’ve enjoyed standing on street corners and meeting the people of our great state to ask them for their signature, but that’s no longer a safe option.

And there is the important issue of restoring the critical business-related responsibilities to the Secretary of State’s office. This would present an important opportunity to enhance Wisconsin's business climate. I have long maintained that we need to make Wisconsin more business friendly.

An important step in that direction is to have Wisconsin's business functions handled as they are in other states. To do this, we should consolidate all such “business functions” in the Office of the Secretary of State. These functions include notary commission functions, trademarks/trade names functions, and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and corporation matters.

In almost every other state in the Nation these core duties are housed in the office of the Secretary of State. For example, Secretaries of State are responsible for: 

  • Handling corporation and business information – 43 states

  • Registering Trademarks – 46 states

  • Administrating UCC – 42 states

  • Handling notary public commissions – 47 states 

I care about our state and want Wisconsin to provide good opportunities for new business and the important jobs that come with them. Restoring these duties will assure that Wisconsin is truly open for business and eliminate confusion and problems for those attempting to obtain business services in our state. This is not about Doug La Follette and it is not about Republicans or Democrats. It is about what is good for Wisconsin far into the future. I look forward to the campaign and listening to people's thoughts and opinions.


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