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Today Secretary of State Doug La Follette, said that the centerpiece of his campaign is the important issue of restoring the critical business-related responsibilities to the Secretary of State’s office. This would present an important opportunity to enhance Wisconsin's business climate.

I would ask the legislature to abolish the Department of Financial Institutions, DFI, even as this would take power away from the governor and place it in the hands of an elected Secretary of State where the people would have more influence.

In addition this move would save money; eliminating several very highly paid political appointees of the governor and ending the more than $87,000 per month that DFI pays.

"In most every state in the nation a number of important business related functions are located in the secretary of state's offices; yet Walker and former Gov. Thompson have moved them to an obscure place they control-DFI", La Follette pointed out.  "This is not the way for our state to be 'open for business'", he said.

These responsibilities include incorporations; trademarks, Uniform  Commercial Code and Notary Commissions.  La Follette said that his office still gets many calls and e-mails every day looking for help with these services.

"It made no business sense to take these functions away from a constitutional office and move them into obscurity and it also increased costs," La Follette added.

I will work with the next Governor and members of both parties in the Legislature to get this done.

"This is not about Doug La Follette; I am just fortunate to have been elected to serve the people in the office.  It is about what is good for Wisconsin long into the future", La Follette stressed.

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