Joy Cardin Show


I will be on the Joy Cardin show Mon moring Nov. 10th at 7:30.

They ask me to talk about it feels to be the only Dem who won on Tuesday.

Sort of sad.


Greetings on Sat morning,

I don’t need to tell you want a disappointing election we experienced both in Wisconsin and all across our nation.

I won my re-election with 50% to his 46% but it was a very bittersweet victory.

What this means, I fear, that we will not deal effectively with the issues of education, women’s rights, infrastructure repair, a living wage and the environment. Not to mention the crises of income disparity and a fair tax structure. All of which are in great need.

I have done a lot of thinking about why so many people vote against their own best interests.  And, of course, why so many just don’t vote, even when they are greatly affected by all these important issues.

The poor media, a lacking education system and the billions of dollars spent by those special interest who like things just the way they are can explain much of it.

How we got in this political, economic and social mess is a giant question.  More about that later.

For now take a deep breath and get ready for a long and tough fight to regain our country and state.


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