Can a State [Nation] so divided long endure?

In my many years of serving the people of Wisconsin and observing the state of our state and nation, I have never seen us more divided in ways that threaten our fundamental way of life.

The giant gap between the super rich and the dwindling middle class has never been as extreme since 1928. This has resulted in people losing faith in the "American Dream" and a better future not to mention the millions who feel lost today. Unemployment, losing their homes and having no health insurance or savings for retirement has left many in fear and anger.

This has led to talk of the 1% and the 99%; to the tea party and the occupy movement and maybe worst of all, a political division and stalemate in Washington caused by some politicians who only care about control and winning and not dealing with the many serious problems we face.

With the recent 'Citizens United' court decision the 1% can now totally dominate the election process, leaving most of us with diminished political power and increasing the anger and division between the haves and have-nots--in this case political influence.

This divide to win approach and policies that favor one group or faction over others have led to the present situation and must end if we are ever going to deal with the issues that threaten the future quality of life for Wisconsin and the nation.

It is time for political leaders who remember that we are 'one nation with liberty and justice for all'. And it is time for our citizens to reject simplistic solutions and to elect leaders who recognize that only a balanced and fair approach will solve our political and economic ills.



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